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  • Spray finishes

  • Revitalize your dull acoustical ceiling tiles effortlessly with Acoustec Ceiling Dye! This spray, which is... Read more

  • Fabric panels

  • Step into the future with the PearlTrack fabric panel system, revolutionizing the industry with its... Read more

  • Commercial

  • Collaborating seamlessly with New York's top-tier contractors, architects, designers, and office/building managers, we've established a... Read more

  • Wood refinishes

  • As time takes its toll, stained or naturally finished wood may lose its initial luster.... Read more

  • Residential

  • We're here to make the entire process seamless and stress-free by working hand in hand... Read more

  • Estimating and budgeting

  • Embark on your project journey with confidence through our specialized services: Blueprint Estimating: Count on... Read more

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